Chasing Davies: Needed: new kicks for summer!

May 19, 2014

Needed: new kicks for summer!

I'm seriously in massive need of some new kicks for summer.  I started purging my shoe collection after having Liam and kept going through pregnancy with Nora, getting rid of anything remotely uncomfortable (like 90% of my heels).  I've been and still need to start collecting quality shoes that are going to last AND have some sort of comfort.  I need everything from casual flats to pairs for nights out.  I'm open to suggestions, though here are some I'm eyeing.... :)

Birkenstocks: Ok, I have to be honest... I'm now tempted.  After these 1990 stables started making their way back on the feet of Californians before the rest of the country's winter was over earlier this year, I was skeptical. And now as our weather is catching up, and I'm seeing updated versions of these sandals (basically new colors and more structured), I can see these on my feet with casual outfits, running around with the kids, park dates, etc.  

What are your opinions of the re-trending of birks?

Metallic Stripe Sandals: I'd wear these by day, to work and casual nights out! The perfect flat to pair with maxi skirts and dresses... and catch your eye!

Bright Wedges: For some height, I can definitely do wedges.  I'm also looking for some pops of color in my shoes to add to my more neutral outfits (that I've been digging more and more lately).

Summer Sneaks: I'm trying to decide between white Chucks (I already have these ones) or more slip on sneakers (I have leopard and LOVE).

Bright Melon Wedges: I'm close to buying these brightly colored pretties.  The pop of color I need, the wedge I can walk in and by a brand I know to be great.

Low Wedge in Mint: These I could wear day to night, easy-peasy. Love the color of these shoes, too!

Turquoise Wedges: Similar in color to the ones above, but with a higher wedge... I'm considering and trying to decide between the two!

Now spill your guts - what shoes are you eyeing, or have and love? I want to know all the great spring and summer kicks!

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