Chasing Davies: A new favorite way to shop!

February 25, 2014

A new favorite way to shop!

You all know how much I love Target (I mean, right? This is no secret... obviously I could build my whole spring wardrobe shopping there)! I also love technology and how easy this digital world makes forming relationships with others you'd never otherwise meet, including brands, and the ease of getting what you need by shopping online. I spend a lot of my midnight nursing time surfing my favorite shopping sites and reading blogs via my iPhone, for example. 
I wanted to share how cool I think this video featuring one of my favorite Target brands, Cherokee, is in connecting beautiful video content (similar to what we see on TV) to the instant gratification we crave.  While watching this video, you can actually roll over the right-hand side and see what items are being shown, click through to the products and shop them right away! 

I believe this is where digital offerings are going - making our lives a bit simpler.  And, well, I dig simpler. In fact, I have a post coming Thursday providing a few ways I've learned (the hard way) to ease a hectic life.  But until then, tell me what you think of digital efforts connecting us so much easier and faster to the things we crave. What is your favorite technology as of late?

P.S. Just want to make it clear that this is not a sponsored post!

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