Chasing Davies: 28 weeks along // hello third trimester

September 10, 2013

28 weeks along // hello third trimester

Hitting the 28 week mark puts me into my 3rd trimester (though depending on your sources, I may have hit that mark last week, either way, officially official now).  This is an awesome feeling, yet also terrifying. I only have 11 more weeks left, yet the hardest 11 weeks of this whole process. I'm getting bigger by the day, which means I'm pretty much always uncomfortable, sleeping is getting worse, sciatica is still going strong, and the swelling is starting. Goodbye ankles... The good news is that 28 weeks is a huge mile marker for the little girl's development.  That is very comforting.   

And in case you are wondering if I just can't do math, yes, only 11 more weeks left.  I'll have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks.  We found out, after 18+ hours of labor and being dilated at a 9 to 9.5 for over 4 hours, during my labor with Liam that my pelvic bone won't allow a baby to pass.  You'd never guess that looking at me. I seem to have great birthing hips!  But, while they are wide, the opening is narrow and my pelvic bone is tilted just a bit too much.  So, no even trying again, straight to the operating table for me.  I think it will be weird showing up and not even putting in the work to birth a baby.  I feel like at least last time I tried, and I tried really hard!  It also makes me a little more nervous.  I"ll be so much more aware of everything (as last time I was exhausted and would do anything to make it all stop).

Have any of you had your baby by a schedule c-section?  
Any tips on how not to be nervous about the definite surgery? 

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