Chasing Davies: 22 weeks along // getting sleepy

July 30, 2013

22 weeks along // getting sleepy

This past week I've been tired. More tired than the last few weeks, but not as tired as the first trimester, thank goodness.  I think it's the combination of getting bigger, starting to not sleep as well (not able to get comfortable) and yet, my daily life still remains... a busy job, chasing around a toddler and the crazy amount of to-dos around this house.  

I think the only remedy here (since I'm only going to be getting better and my life isn't going to slow down) is to work on my night sleep.  I've been using a Snoogle to help me sleep on my side more comfortably (would prefer to sleep on my back).  My nightmares come and go,  but I don't think there is anything I can do about those.  What are some things that helped you sleep better at night when you were pregnant?

And in other news, I'm wearing pants, so you know they are held together by my rubber band trick these days.  I'm going to make my "normal" clothes last as long as possible.  Though I am sporting my favorite maternity tank for length coverage. 
{Outfit Details: Stripe Shirt, Burgundy Jeans - The Limited (similar color - big for Fall), New Fall Shoes, Necklace (similar), Hair Clip -}

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