Chasing Davies: 24 weeks along // getting use to the word "brother"

August 13, 2013

24 weeks along // getting use to the word "brother"

It's hard to believe that I'm going to be a mother of two.  I mean, having one child was crazy enough, but to have a little family of four - something I grew up in myself as child? Mind-blowing. How am I already old enough for this?  Hah, oh, but I am.  But even harder to get used to is that Liam, my little baby, is going to be a big brother to a baby. But he's a baby!  How is this possible?

People ask us if he is excited to be a big brother and the truth is, he doesn't really understand what is happening (or going to happen, rather). He's only 20 months (TODAY!) and will be just under two-years-old when our little girl comes along.  But we have a great pediatrician, who has given us tons of advice and a plan to follow, which we're doing.  Currently, we're talking about babies with Liam all the time!  We got him a book on becoming a big brother, and tonight he picked that book (over all his beloved truck books, mind you) as one of our night-time reads.  On every page, he pointed to the baby and in his sweet little toddler voice, squealed "baby," with excitement!  

We've also been lucky that he's been exposed to real babies in the last several months.  This includes a friend's baby, to whom he just kept touching her feet and looking at her in awe.  Also, at his daycare a month or so ago, a couple of really little 6 to 8-week-old babies started.  He's not in their same room, but at the end of the day, they all consolidate to one room and the teachers tell me that Liam just loves them!  He'll watch the little babies and smile, laughing when they move or make little noises.  All of this gives me so much hope that he'll be excited to be a big brother. 

I just hope he knows that he'll always be MY little baby, too. And he's absolutely irreplaceable. And that our little girl on the way knows how freaking excited we are to have her join our brood.  Have you any advice about preparing your children to become brother's or sister's?

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