Chasing Davies: 18 Weeks Along // And it's a....

July 2, 2013

18 Weeks Along // And it's a....

I had this grand plan while out at my grandparents this past weekend to have my handsome little boy galloping through the lawn with picturesque backdrops holding a different colored balloon in each hand.  Liam had other plans, as in the only thing he wanted to do with the balloons is try to pop them (I hope that isn't indicative of anything).  Anyways, plan B are the photos above and below.  

And the most important part of it all... We had our 18 week check up and ultra sound yesterday where we got to see how the baby was developing and what we are having (is it a boy or is it a girl?!).  The best news was that everything is looking healthy, measuring right on time, strong heartbeat and boy, this baby is active!  Little babe was kicking, crossing their legs and wiggling all over.  Now I know what I've been feeling the last couple weeks!  This baby is strong!  I'm feeling this one way sooner than I did with Liam, which sometimes happens with second (or third) pregnancies, but also found out that my placenta is posterior (on the backside of my uterus), where it was anterior (on the front side) with Liam.  My placenta probably cushioned a lot of Liam's movements (until he moved to my ribs - no ignoring those jabs and that pressure).

Alright, alright... what is the gender already?  Here are a few photos from the last couple days that will quickly tell you what baby # 2 is...

So there you have it! Liam is going to be a big brother to a little GIRL!  We're having a girl in November and I couldn't be more excited.  When they told us (and it was clear on the ultra sound screen) I almost cried.  How perfect! One of each. And Liam will be the sweetest big bro. 

So another eery little thing that happened yesterday... we had gotten these two balloons on Sunday.  My mom texted me the below photo of the state of the balloons a little before our doctor appointment.  The blue balloon had lost it's lift, but pink balloon floating high.  It was so weird that it turned out to be an accurate portrayal of what baby # 2's gender is!

{Outfit #1: Floral maxi skirt - H&M (old, similar), Lace top - old (similar), Swimsuit (under lace top), Sunglasses - BonLook (similar or these); Outfit #2: Tee, Green maxi - last summer (Michael Kors outlet, similar), Necklace - way old}

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