Chasing Davies: The Ultimate Bachelorette Pad

March 5, 2013

The Ultimate Bachelorette Pad

Today I bring you a new feature: Beautiful houses, decor and home style that isn't mine; homes that belong to friends, co-workers or those that want to be featured; decor that I find inspiring and beautiful (that inhabit kids or not). 

Toddler toys are currently strewn about and no matter how many times a day I try to pick up, my house is a playground.  On top of that, I can't keep up with the endless list of home project to-dos (though I do have my mini kitchen makeover update coming soon) and therefore, want to bring you other home perspectives that are inspiring me. I'll still be sprinkling in my own home updates when I can keep the legos put away long enough to snap a photo.

So without further ado, the first of the feature, my wonderful friend, Laurel's ultimate bachelorette pad. She, with the help of her mom, creatively decorated her first home, complete with a dressing room... a full room devoted to clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup and all things needed to get ready. I'm incredibly jealous of this cheerfully peachy-pink space.

{Easy Art DIY: Frame wrapping paper}

Another one of my favorite rooms in her home, while much more tidy than mine, could almost be transplanted into my own home (I wish that were possible) from a color scheme perspective.  Her gray dining room is complete with yellow pops and special details that really make this room feel polished.

{Gray and yellow ikat accent chairs here and floor mirror from Nebraska Furniture Mart (similar)}

{Curtain Tip: Can't find the perfect curtains? Try looking at tablecloths...then use ring clips to hang them from a curtain rod.}

 {For coordinating cloth napkins to custom curtains, buy an extra tablecloth (or fabric) and cut to size, hemming with a sewing machine. Remove the glass and backing to a frame for an easy light switch accessory.} 

These are just two of my favorite rooms in her all around fabulous home!  Huge thanks to Laurel for allowing me inside and you a peek into some of the great work she's done.

Have a home you want feature?  Email me for more info.

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