Chasing Davies: He actually liked my outfit

March 28, 2013

He actually liked my outfit

So... my husband told me he liked this outfit. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I usually get the "what are you wearing" kinda look or if I'm wearing something boring, then he likes it!  

It's a funny thing, fashion. You think we'd dress to impress the opposite sex, but I've always found myself dressing as a creative outlet and feeling good about myself.  Getting props from other fashionable girls is always a plus, but never really considered my husband's approval.  I think if my husband could dress me (and I should try this one day...), he'd put me in jeans and a T-shirt.  But today, either he started coming around or I did, either way, I'll take the compliment.

 Outfit Details: Jacket - Oldie from Old Navy (similar); Stripe Shirt - Madewell Fall '12 (similar); Skirt - Target; Boots - Zara (similar or here, both sans embellishments); Bracelet (Stone Stretch) - Target; Watch - Michael Kors; Necklace - Talbots

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