Chasing Davies: High Noon

June 8, 2012

High Noon

{Dress - Target (similar); Top - J.Crew; Belt - Target (similar); Flats - H&M (similar}

Pardon the major shadows and squinted eyes. These photos were taken at the worst possible time to take outdoor photos. I know that the best time to take photos is the last hour of daylight. I know this.  But I also know by that time I look like a drowned rat, especially in the summer time (not that I look so great at noon).

How do you bloggers do it? Do you have to get ready all over again?  By the end of my day, 90% of my make up is rubbed off, there are remnants of lunch and baby spit up on my clothes and my hair is a frizzy, tangled mess.

Sometimes it's hard to be a style blogger, and always awkward.

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