Chasing Davies: Mustard Meets Hot Pink

November 3, 2011

Mustard Meets Hot Pink

{Mustard Dress - ASOS, Hot Pink Belt - Old Navy, Hot Pink Scarf - China Town via San Fran, Necklace - Banana Republic, Gray Leggings - Forever21, Boots - Blowfish}

This might be my new favorite color combo.  I love the mustard yellow and bright hot pink accents.  And my new, preggo lady approved, wedge boots.  These are so comfortable, yet still have a bit of heel to them.  These were certainly made for walking.  

Getting these boots was quite the opposite of easy.  Have you heard about Facebook boutiques?  They are actual boutiques in actual locations that open their shop up on Facebook.  You can order clothing and shoes, like these boots, via commenting on the posted photos or calling and referring to a photo.

I thought I would try it out since it is certainly an interesting idea given how socially connected we all are now. The downfall, they don't tell you the brand of the item in the photo, so it's not like you can check around to see how the price compares.

They also don't post their return policy.

So I found that these boots were made by Blowfish after getting them - they were sold to me at full price, as noted on the Blowfish site, but found that Piperlime had them for a bit cheaper, and at the time, were on sale for even cheaper.  The big kicker for me was shipping.  I feel like if I'm ordering something more than $50, especially, shipping should be free and this boutique was charging $9.

Ok, so I obviously coughed it up.  But then after getting the shoe, they ended up being too small.  I guess in this brand, I wear a slightly larger size, but I didn't know the brand until I got them - there were no reviews either.  I also didn't know that I would have to pay shipping to return them and then shipping all over again to get the new size.  And, possibly even worse, they were exchange only, so I couldn't get my money back and buy them from Piperlime like I should have done from the very beginning (HELLO FREE SHIPPING & sales/specials).  When I called to inquire about this return policy, they said it's on the receipt (which I got with the shoes after I ordered them...).

This particular store ended up comping my shipping of the new size back to me since I brought up that I was not properly informed and suggested they really post their policies on their Facebook page so people know about it before they purchase.

I tell you this little story as just a warning and purposely left out this particular store's name.  If you are ever going to order online, I suggest you do better research than I did and find out the return/exchange/shipping policy before falling for the shoe!  Also, do your best to make sure you are paying the lowest price for the same item.  Even if you don't know the brand, I probably could have found them by doing a little searching.

When I DO know the brand & name of a product, I use Google shopping and the Invisible Hand to help me determine the lowest cost.

Happy Shopping!

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