Chasing Davies: Can you guess where this skirt is from?

June 21, 2011

Can you guess where this skirt is from?

This might be my new favorite skirt.  Bright blue, light silk, flowy and A-line.  But I got it somewhere I never thought I would shop.  I got this skirt from Talbots.  I've noticed, mainly from Gigi, over the last year or so that they've really revamped their designs.  They have some really great colors and clothes!

Have you shopped at Talbots lately?

{Orange Cardi - Oldie, I forgot; Stripe Under Tank - J.Crew - in store, and on sale; Talbots Skirt; Silver Wedges - Target a couple years ago; Turquoise Flower Earrings -  China Town San Fran; Blue Ring - BrooklynThread; Silver Necklace - Forever21; Crazy Hair - the Wind}

Thank you so much to LuLu for taking my photos on the train track.  She has a fun pic on her site too with a little relevant story. :)  Follow Me on Twitter