Chasing Davies: Turning Blaa into Something Better

May 10, 2011

Turning Blaa into Something Better

{Blue top - Loft, Skirt - Gap, Sandals - H&M, Bag - Theit}

Cheeeese. How to make a semi-boring outfit fun? Orange lips & fringe sandals. It's the little things in life that can sometimes turn a blaa situation, into something a little more special!  Like this weekend, Hubs and I stayed home on a Saturday night (gasp!).  We had celebrated the Kentucky Derby during the day, and have been on the go for all to long.  So Saturday night, we hung out at home.

We didn't do anything spectacular (cue blaa), but it was a fantastic night.  Comfy clothes. Movie, Night Weather = Grilling.  Yummy dinner.  Best of all, hubs and I.  Just the two of us.  On a Saturday night.  It was a nice evening.  Hubs is the orange lipstick in my outfit.

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