Chasing Davies: Shoe of the Day: Nude Bow Flats

April 20, 2011

Shoe of the Day: Nude Bow Flats

It is straight up back to winter in Kansas City.  Cold!  But I've already switched my closets and winter clothes are packed away!  So I forged ahead with my spring clothes and some NEW SHOES.

If you Follow Me on Twitter, you know I made my first ASOS purchase.  I got a skirt, dress and these sweet little shoes.  I loved all 3 items and so glad I finally popped that cherry.  Now I feel like I know how it goes and comfortable shopping there.  On to the shoes and spring clothes...

 Grass clippings sold separately.
London Rebel Classic Pointed Toe Bow Ballerina Flats - also comes in black and coral

I wore these little flats with bright yellow pants, silky pink blouse under a cotton bejeweled tee - Spring Fever.  Kind of looked like an Easter egg?  I'm not sure if primary yellow and pastel pink go together, but I felt a bit more creative than yesterday, at least.

 {Yellow Cropped Pant - J.Crew, Pink Blouse - Loft, Gray Tee - Forever 21, Herringbone Jacket - Anthro, Black purse/camera bag - Theit}

Happy Hump Day.