Chasing Davies: Dress for Less: Shoe of the Day

February 25, 2011

Dress for Less: Shoe of the Day

A double feature wammy for you today, readers!  Dress for Less & a Shoe of the Day!  Wowza.  You might reconize these adorable heeled sandles...

 By the ever popular and adorable brand, Seychelles, ya?  Well only one of these are the Seychelles Women's Gypsy Sandal and the pair on the left is actually significantly cheaper by Mossimo® Vivien Pleated Heeled Sandals via Target.

The Target pair comes in only Mushroom (shown) and black, and not all the fun and bright colors the Seychelles comes in (like this orange-coral color I love).  I ended up getting the Target ones, and while I've only worn them around Target and my house a bit - so far the seem very comfortable and look just like the Seychelles!

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