Chasing Davies: Fitness Challenge Progress: Days 10-16

January 16, 2011

Fitness Challenge Progress: Days 10-16

At the end of this week, we are now at half way point!!  However, this week was a bit rough for me, as my motivation started to slip some... With snow, shin splints and house construction pulling me down this week, it was hard to push past it.  Here is my week:

Monday, Day 10: Snowed in!  Worked from home, even despite floor work start at my house.  I was confined to our living room, while the rest of the floors in our house started getting sanded.  I ventured outside a few times to take some photos - but logged ZERO miles, and didn't even make it to yoga. boo.

Tuesday, Day 11: Back to work, over lunch I utilized my work gym to squeeze in 3.25 miles. After a little walking to warm up and easing into a run, I maintained a quicker running pace to get done in 30 minutes. I did some upper body strengthening after my miles to even out all this work to my lower body.

Wednesday, Day 12:  Today about mid-run my shins started to ache.  I played with my speed, doing faster sprints with slower jogs to see if anything helped.  Mainly I just gritted and bared it to crank out 4 miles.

Thursday, Day 13:  Ufta.  My shins were really hurting today.  Guess those new shoes I got last week gave me a little delayed reaction, however, I still needed to get my miles in... So pushed through to get to 4.40 miles.

Friday, Day 14: After yesterday's run, my shins remained throbbing even when not running!  So it being a Friday after a long week, my shins aching and feeling low motivations, I managed to get myself into the work gym to walk (and walk only) for 2.8 miles.  Better than nothing I guess...

Saturday, Day 15: Ooops.  Never got around to getting my miles in.  I slept in a bit, then went to Lawrence, KS with some girlfriends for lunch at my very favorite place (La Parrilla) and to watch our Jayhawks play some basketball.  By the time I got home, the hubs and I headed to our home to check in on the house (while breathing in a little too much fumes, I think), left with a headache and met my parents for dinner.  We stayed at their house last night where I got a ton of sleep.  So, no miles.

Sunday, Day 16:  I got up this morning, at some breakfast, and after it was settled I use my parents treadmill to get in 3.21 miles.  Not enough for today, so I am HOPING I will be able to get myself back on this evening for at least that much more.  I'll update this post if I do... If I don't, I'm going to have to play some catch up tomorrow on my day off from work (MLK day).

So lets add this up.  At the end of day 9, last week, I had done 33.51 miles.  This week I did a total (so far) of: 17.70 miles. Added to last week and to date, I have run a total of 51.21 miles.  Out of 100, I have 48.69 miles left to go in 15 days. 

How has your week gone?  Where are you all at?