Chasing Davies: The Bachelor Recap: More Fun Dresses!

January 17, 2011

The Bachelor Recap: More Fun Dresses!

Found Ashley's sequin dress! Looking for Ashley's bikini - have similar options now, see below.  last updated 1/19 @ 9:27pm CST.

Let me know if there is anything I don't have you'd like me to find, otherwise, I hit the clothes that caught my attention.  Not trying to get them all.

Episode 3 of The Bachelor still brought in some drama, but also some cute clothes I get to share with you (which is way more fun than picking apart the girls for the way that ABC has chosen to edited them, ahem, let's remember this is an EDITED show, folks.  For example, Michelle "always" interrupting other girls convos?  ABC producers tell the girls when their turn is and when to go - so this is not her fault - she was told to go and that it was her turn.).

One of the dresses that struck me right away was Ashley H.'s pink and lace print dress with a low scoop-back.

This dress is from American Apparel and you can still get it for $46!

And of course my favorite girl, in another bomb-diggity dress, Miss Lisa.  She looked fab in a red, one-shoulder dress.

This dress is from Express.  While red is not available, you can get it in gold and bronze or a similar one-shoulder red dress option for ya!

Lisa also wore some blue accents, including her amazing shoes!  Her shoes (which you can catch a glimpse of when she's walking back from getting her rose), are by Naughty Monkey.  They are a deep blue with jewels on the heel.  She actually received several pairs of Naughty Monkey shoes (and New Balance, Teva, etc) for being on the show -- all the girls did.  She was showing us some of the fun gifts she got, and I had to get a pic of these in person:

You can buy those pretty heels here, or get those pumps in gray, too.

You might recognize Jackie's one-shoulder red dress.  It is the same dress that Lisa M. wore on the first night, but her's was blue!  This dress is from Arden B., however not available right now.

Here are some similar dresses to Jackie's:

From Arden B - one-shoulder red dress; Another from Arden B - one shoulder red dress;
And Possessionista has another similar version (a bit more shiny) of Jackie's dress at her site.

I also really liked Chantal's leopard dress - but maybe not for a rose ceremony.  It is something I'd definitely wear to work or dinner. 

A very cute similar dress options, for cheap, from

And yet another sequin dress that I love (are there sequins that I don't adore?), Ashley Spivey wore a great one:

I love the 3/4 sleeves and mixed gray & charcoal sparkles! Ashley's dress is from, or at least the most similar to, Akira (HUGE thanks to Alli for the tip):

Here are some other similar sequin dresses as well:

Long sleeve and lighter silver/gray dress - but love the big sequins mixed with the little ones; This dress has more black and white mixed in with gold, but possibly the same designer (Tahari), The right cut, this black sequin dress is a great option, Not Ashley's dress, but a cute loose fitting sequin dress.

Does anyone know this suit?  A reader request...

It might impossible to find now, as swim suits are so seasonal and this was obviously purchased last summer (right before the show) or a previous season, but here are some current avails that are similar if you're loving this suit:

Not floral, but the cut and circle embellishments make this one similar (and cute) (and on clearance!) from Victoria's Secret; Similar in colors, but plaid print instead of floral from Overstock; Paisley bandeau is similar in style and just as fun from this site; Sweet floral bandeau suite from Figleave

What were your favorite clothes from this week's show?