Chasing Davies: Christmas Gifts Galore, Part 1: For My Kitchen

December 28, 2010

Christmas Gifts Galore, Part 1: For My Kitchen

I was lucky to have such a great holiday full of giving and getting!  It's always so fun to exchange gifts with loved ones.  I love giving just as much as I love getting (both are pretty sweet)!  So I will share some of the gifts I received and gave through out the next few days!

New, already beloved kitchen appliance...Keurig Mini Brewer and Keurig K-Cup Carousel Tower with a 60-pack variety coffee, tea, & hot coco pack of K-Cups!  I've already tested out several and love it!

My little coffee station. :)

I got these 4 sweet bowls from Anthropologie.  They are so cute and will be perfect for table settings and apple sauce (among lots of other things):

I got two blue and two chartreuse.  Not avail online...

I also got two really cool cookbooks.  I'm a sucker for cookbooks.  Not only are they pretty, but these particular ones contain some pretty great recipes I cannot wait to try!

The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors
This particular one is written by local restaurant owners and contains unique combination of foods to mix. You can read about their story, and if you are ever in Lawrence, KS - check out their restaurant, here.

Then on top of all these great gifts that will help me through the kitchen - the hubs got us a gift certificate to the Culinary Institute of Kansas City to take a cooking (and eat what you make) class.  I'm really excited about that, and to do it with him!

2011 just may make me a better cook! :)  We'll see.  Did you get any fun kitchen gadgets, tools or such from Santa?