Chasing Davies: Beauty Review: Clinique Redness Solution Makeup

December 22, 2010

Beauty Review: Clinique Redness Solution Makeup

I have blotchy skin with red undertones.  It's especially sensitive in the winter...most make up I apply just makes it itchy and even redder!  So I saw ads in all the latest magazines for Clinique's new redness solutions line and I was excited to try it!

This does not just do a great job of covering up blotchy skin without looking cakey - but it actually works to even out skin tone (without wearing make up!).

Just a small amount blends over my whole face - acting a little like lotion, a little like foundation and even a little sun protection. I wear this daily now and it'll be my go-to "foundation" or base make up from now on.

Have you tried this stuff?  What is your go-to make-up finds?