Chasing Davies: Outfit of the Day: Untucked Prep

November 19, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Untucked Prep

Kept my button up untucked today, and instead of tucking it into my skirt and fussing with it to keep it in and flat, I just let it hang out.  I opted to belt it around the waist instead.

Does anyone else struggle with keeping their shirts tucked in, laying flat and tight...without having to wear a shirt onsie.  I have one idea that I need to test out before wasting your time...stay tuned.

Moving on, here's the untucked shirt outfit:

And by the way, I'm LOVING these boots I got/posted about awhile ago (here). 
They are from Kohl's - Elle Riva's tall boots with a ruffle up the side (not avail online).
Wool skirt - J.Crew, Button down top - Forever 21, Tights - Target, Belt - Old Navy