Chasing Davies: Vegas 101

April 7, 2010

Vegas 101

Last weekend I went to Vegas with 8 other girls.  It is the ultimate girls trip.  We danced so much my feet are still swollen!  I sang in the clubs and strained to still speak to my friends during the loud music that my voice is still raspy.  I chugged so much water to flush out alcohol and keep hangovers afar that I am still peeing every 2 minutes!  And it was great!  Just a few remaining aliments that are a sign of an amazing weekend.

Vegas 101:

1. No matter where you go or what you do in Vegas - it is your chance to break out that flirty dress , or too-fancy for home dress, or maybe a bit too-sexy dress.  It's Vegas.  You can do where whatever you want.

Body-hugging sequin dress:

Even if not 100% comfy in a super tight or short dress - these little babies help keep your privates private and feeling a bit more secure!

Depending on the color of your dress...Spanx

2. Pack those high-heels.  Who cares if your feet will be swollen or hurt - it's Vegas and heels are everything.  They look amazing and will make you feel great! ;)

Platform bright embellished heels:

Our Vegas heels one night:
I wore these.
Worried about blisters?  These things saved my soles in Vegas:

 Blister bandages are crushing and smooth! Wore them all Saturday night after I ended up with a blister on the ball of my foot from Friday night... it worked!

3. Smoldering eyes.  Now's the time to wear the sexy smokey-eye:

Try Mac Cosmetic's Shadow in Typographic

4. Pick a great place to stay!  Recommendation? Middle of the strip (easier to get any direction, and/or cheaper taxis)!  This week we stayed at the Bellagio in a sweeeeeeet suite and connecting room - had 4 bathrooms!  Going in on it with enough people, it was really affordable.  Just make sure to only reveal a few people staying upon reservations (only say there are the # of people that are beds - Vegas likes to charge $30 extra per person).  See strip map here.

5. Make sure the people you go with that are ready for a good time - whatever it is you do; whatever reason you go.  For a girls trip?  Be ready to dance! :)

Any Vegas tips for a great weekend?