Chasing Davies: eShakti Dress Review

April 13, 2010

eShakti Dress Review

A few weeks ago, eShakti contact me about picking out something from their site to get and review!  I was so excited!  Of course all the items I had been eying the last time I was on that site were gone - but I quickly found a few other things I wanted.  I decided on a springy-like dress in my current favorite color, turquoise.

Cotton satin rosette trim dress

So I took all my measurements, because after all, the best part about eShakti is their clothing is customizable!  I also got to pick how I wanted the dress - sleeves? sleeve length (from sleeveless to long sleeve), deep scoop or as shown, and hem length (past my knees, at my knees or above).  I made all my selections and told them my measurements, about a week later I got the dress!  I thought it was a pretty quick turnaround for something customized for me.

And the results...

Pretty good...but either I've lost 10 lbs since measurements or didn't do a good enough job measuring myself... Its big around the waist, bust and shoulders:

gapes open under the armpits.

little baggy and loose.

I think next time I will do a better job measuring myself - but otherwise, I like the dress.  It is fully lined, machine washable, tumble dry low and comfy.  Since I made my order, there are a few other dresses that have popped up that are super cute.  I love this one for summer:

Check out eShakti - but make sure to take really good measurements if going that route!