Chasing Davies: Look Like Zoe from Head to Toe

February 15, 2010

Look Like Zoe from Head to Toe

Rachel Zoe's line on QVC is growing. Now you can find almost everything you need to be just like her (except the chain saw to saw us all in half, but don't worry, her clothes come in all sizes).

The sequin, the knit beret:

Sequin Stretch Knit Beret

The oversized sunglasses:

Oversized gradient framed sunglasses

The (faux) fur:

V-neck faux fur vest

The big jewelry:

Emerald & Pave' Ring

The long necklace, vintage inspired:

Vintage inspired necklace

Now you have all you need to look like:

Or this:

Or this:

The collection on QVC certainly doesn't have me swooning. It's more like an, "eh, ok" and nothing I'd dig out my credit card for. I like the idea of Mrs. Zoe having a collection, I only hope it gets a little better and moves beyond the few pieces that she wears over and over.

Photos from here and here.