Chasing Davies: Decorative Pillows For LOW Prices

February 25, 2010

Decorative Pillows For LOW Prices

Looking for decorative pillows at low prices?  Have you tried Walmart lately?  Yeah, me either - but then I saw a commercial for their Home stuff and some items caught my eye!  After tooting around on the site, I found some really great accent pillows for not a lot of money....

All these pillows are only $12-$13 each!

Hometrends Meadowlark Decorative Pillow

 Hometrends Carina Decorative Pillow

 Opera Button Dec Pillow 18x18"

 Microsuede Pillow

 Hometrends Sirocco Decorative Pillow, Black

 Hometrends Horus Decorative Pillow

 Hometrends Costa Decorative Pillow 

My fav is the blue pillow with white circle patterns - not sure if that fits in anywhere in my house...but maybe if it's the right shade of blue in person, it could go with my bedroom.