Chasing Davies: Anthropologie Visit & Lusts

February 24, 2010

Anthropologie Visit & Lusts

I visited Anthro to check out the last of the sale and the new arrivals.  I left with an adorable top and major, major lust.
Let's start with what I left behind, for now:


Curled Ribbon Tank
I like this, it's flowy, light and pretty, but not $70 pretty....

 From Monet Skirt
Such a cute skirt - the pattern specifically, unfortunately this fit is not for my hips and behind.
Very cute on others.  Would be so cute with a striped or polka dot top.

Climbing Cowlneck
Shown on me below (in a size too small)
I liked this shirt a ton, but couldn't decide what color I needed/wanted - so am living w/o for now.

What I left the store with:

I love how they styled this skirt and sweater together - LOVE.  

Four Petal Cardi

And what is sitting in my online shopping cart right now....

I love love love and they didn't have my right size in the store.
Here I am in the size smaller - it zips up but, sits a bit higher, I think the size up would sit lower, and therefore the skirt would be longer....
 (Here show slightly unzipped to see how a larger size would fit)
Aniseed Skirt

Do I get it?!?!  I love the stripes (a pattern here...) and would be so fun to play with and style.

You lusting over anything at Anthro right now?  Or get anything great lately?