Chasing Davies: Tofu Snacks

January 15, 2010

Tofu Snacks

I love local, organic tofu. It has wonderful health benefits, learn about them here. I usually eat it raw and cold in my salads. But I'm starting to venture out of my comfort zone with the help of Kathy Eats Real Food's Tofu Tutorial.

Last night I sliced up half a block of FIRM tofu and dipped it in this spicy rub. It was good!

Then tonight I ventured out on my own... wanting something a bit sweet for after dinner. I used the other half of my sliced up block of firm tofu, and dipped it in a mixture of Blue Agave, Splenda Brown sugar and a little water to loosen up the dip. After I dipped it, I placed it on my pan and sprinkled the top with a bit more of the Splenda Brown Sugar:

Stuck in the 415 degrees pre-heated oven for 30 minutes. The thinner you slice the tofu, the less time you want to bake.

The sweetness was subtle - I enjoyed the crispy sweet snack!

How do you eat Tofu??