Chasing Davies: Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts

January 15, 2010

Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts

That little holiday (can we really call it a holiday?) is coming up, one month away - Valentine's Day. I've never been a big fan. It's just a day where restaurants can charge twice or triple as much, florists can quadruple the prices of a dozen red roses and girls get let down because something big didn't happen.

But, as much as I think it's kinda dumb, I will still make the best of another day and enjoy it, just a little, with my husband.

Some cute gift ideas (I'm not big into giant presents for a fake holiday) to give or get your loved ones (friends, family, significant other, etc - take notes, Husband *wink*)...

Made for Two:
Snuggle for 2

Swanky? Fun? Silly? Whatever comes to your mind - I think these are so cute!His & Hers Pillow Cases

Jewelry always says love:

Double Key Necklace from Etsy Shop: Shoogi
"You hold the keys to my heart" - yes, it takes 2 keys to open my heart.

Sue earrings in gold from Etsy Shop: Odalisca

I just love this print - so simple and pretty. This would be great in my living room...
Love Print from Etsy Shop: MadeByGril

Romance in Ruffles?

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I want this for our living room couch!!
Etsy Shop: JillyBeanThings

Sweeping Ruffles Shirt

In Honor of Design introduced this Etsy shop to me and I fell in love with the cute and very affordable prints:

I would like this one for my living room...
"Love that Moves the Sun and Other Stars"

Both prints from Etsy Shop: Raw Art Letter Press

What is your favorite Valentine's gift to get? What about to give (for a significant other, friend or other special someone)?

I'll get some guy gift ideas going sometime before V-day, too. But for now, you can share this post with your fellow guy as a few starting point hints! :)