Chasing Davies: Payless Shoe Reviews

August 23, 2009

Payless Shoe Reviews

Lately, I've been posting shoes from Payless and gushing about some of their new guest designers. So this weekend, while in Chicago - my sister and I stopped into Payless to try some shoes on. Here are our thoughts regarding some of the ones we tried on...

Koture Ruffle Peep-Toe

These are the ruffle heels I posted a couple weeks ago.In Black

In Purple

LOVE. These heels didn't feel like Payless heels. They were comfortable; my foot felt supported and cushioned. I thought the shoe looked just as cute and lux in person as the photos. The ruffle on the toe is cute and just enough detail to make them different and unique. My sister and I both walked out of the store (BOGO TIME, through Sept. 7th) with these in purple.
I though these boots looked so cute online and even still a bit in person, but once I put them on, they lost their swagger. The material and the way they looked on was cheap. The ankle was unsupported, as well - so foot was pretty wobbly.

Lela Rose for Payless

Mallory Suede Bootie

These booties were kind of fun. Not very practical, nor the most comfortable - but love the vibrant cobalt color.

Ballet Flats
These were cute on. I love that cobalt color. These are currently not available online. Check you're local Payless store for these if you're interested.

Christian Siriano for Payless Reviews

Let's start with what I liked about these boots: the cone toggle. And that's where that list ends.

The site description says, "a comfortable round toe," but I beg to differ. The toe is the most uncomfortable part. The toe space is too small and pinches the toes. The feet and ankles are not supported and caused a wobbly walk (and I know how to walk in heels). Overall, I think the look of the boots aren't very cute either - they look like rain boots.

Strut Pump
I like the look of this shoe, the chain detail on the toe, the heel, but the heels are way too high and the toes are pinched = very uncomfortable. We even tried a 1/2 bigger size to try and avoid the squished, pinching toes, but then it was way too big. Because the shoe is also a little heavy, it doesn't stay on easily at the slightest bit too big.

Sandstrap Peep Toe

This shoe includes the teal bottom, which I think is kind of fun, but that's about it. It was horribly uncomfortable, stiff and way to tall (a bit repetitive, I know). The ankle strap was rough and uncomfortable, as well. Comfort aside, I didn't even like the look of it on. Looks cheap (yes, I know this is at Payless), and definately felt cheap. This shoes comes in black and brown (both shown, one on each foot).

I really wanted to test out some of Abaete's shoes - but didn't see them at this store. I'll try back here in the KC stores, particularly for the ones I posted about a week ago.

Thankfully I did manage to get a pair after all that work - and purple no less (I didn't realize the purple/blue theme until now...hah).

Any recent Payless shoes you've gotten that love/recommend, or any you've tried on, and definately don't recommend?