Chasing Davies: J.Crew Weekend

August 24, 2009

J.Crew Weekend

Went to Magnificent Mile's J.Crew this weekend in Chicago. I limited my purchases to a certain amount, because let's face it, if I didn't have a limit, I would have had to buy a new suitcase to get it all home. Let's start with what I want, want soooo bad, but did not get:

I did not purchase this lovely burst of sunshine because, well first, it's $245, and I can't even wear it yet (it's still too warm for a coat)! But, I'm gonna keep my eye on this baby... It fit well and comfy. And the arms were long - sometimes I find that they are a bit too short on me!

But I did have a very gray day at J.Crew, what I did get:

I normally purchase bright things, but fell in love with these gray pieces this weekend. I think these will also go well with all my bright items, for layering options and such. The dress was way comfy and I think will be cute for work. Who doesn't love a J.Crew cardi? Well, this one was no different. It's the same cute as the corsage cardi. Anyways, I had fun and am excited for what I did get.

What do you think about the yellow coat? I know HeidiG is also eying this lovely...anyone else?