Chasing Davies: Mad Men Anticipation

August 10, 2009

Mad Men Anticipation

It's been all the rage this summer, the much anticipated 3rd season of Mad Men premiers Sunday, August 16th at 10pm/9C. I've never heard so much about this show until recently. Where was all the hype the 1st two seasons? Do we owe this publicity to the advertising of this show (that would be ironic), or did it just take a couple seasons to build the word of mouth? Either way, it worked on me.

Last weekend, my hubs and I spent the greater part finishing season 1 and starting season 2 to get caught up before Sunday nights big premier of Season 3. I'm hooked. I love it. Beyond the show, the character's, plot, issues, etc - I love the clothes. The style. I think 50s/60s are going to make a comeback in our closets.

Check out this beautiful video filled with style you can't help but envy...

Betty Draper, the lucky - er- leading lady, Don Draper's wife sports an especially amazing collection of outfits. I love her style and look.

To simulate her look, try Banana Republic's Cotton/silk draped dress and a collar necklace with earrings set.

Also try, waist length cardigans, pearl earrings, button down shirts, A-line skirts, skinny belts, red lipstick...

Want more inside view of their fab waredrobe? Check out this video of Mad Men's video closet:

Also - remember to Mad Men yourself! :)