Chasing Davies: Belt Accessorizing 101

August 9, 2009

Belt Accessorizing 101

I recently received this note:

Can you please give a 101 on wearing belts around the tummy (vs waist)? Do all body shapes look good with this accessory? I'm 6' tall and wonder if it would look goofy.

Other questions: does the belt stay up if the top doesn't have the mini belt loops? Is there a rule that says if you wear a belt around the tummy that you shouldn't wear one around the waist? I know these are silly questions, but I want to try it but don't know how best to do it.


Thanks for the questions and thoughts! Anyone at any height can wear belts at the wait. I don't like to think anyone should be restricted from accessorizing. What can change, depending on the height of one, is the thickness of the belt. Petite or short women should probably stick to thinner belts rather than thick (2" and wider) belts, so it doesn't eat up all their mid section. Taller women can really get away with any size belt, but wider belts are optimal for your height!

Take a look at some of these tall, yet fashionable women sporting belts around their waists...

Michelle Obama loves belts - she is 5'11" and wears belts over dresses, jackets, cardigans, etc...and always looks great!

Other height rich ladies that accessorize in a variety of ways with chic belts.

To your other questions. A belt placed on your tummy (around your natural waist - think where your belly button is) will stay up without belt loops, because no matter how straight your midsection is ("ruler"), you flare out a little bit into your hips. So the belt will sit right above that if tightened to the correct hole. You can also try elastic belts if you are concerned about it stay up. The elastic will cling to your body better.

There are many ways to wear a belt around your tummy:
1. Casually, over a button down shirt or to dress up a simple shirt, over slacks or jeans.
2. Over a dress, adding a punch of color with a belt to a solid colored dress or a neutral belt with a vibrant or patterned dress
3. To cinch together a cardigan, blazer or jacket
4. Atop a high waisted skirt
5. Over a flowy dress or shirt can help bring in the waist to not look like you're wearing a tent
and many more...

If you are new to wearing the midsection belt, try a neutral colored belt, like black, over a button down shirt (see Taylor Swift in above photo collage - bottom 2nd in from the right) with fitted jeans. You can start playing with dressier options and different punches of color as your start to get comfortable with the fit.

Let me know how it goes!