Chasing Davies: 7 Favorite Things for Transitional Weather

March 31, 2021

7 Favorite Things for Transitional Weather

The early signs of spring brings hope for some resemblance of normalcy, and that has me excited to get out of my sweatpants.  It's been a long year of hibernating, working and schooling (and everything) from home and zero needs to dress up or get ready.  I've kind of forgotten how to even get ready, to be honest.

I am interested in merging the way things used to be and the new more low-key look of what this year has brought. I'm excited to forge a new style that  reduces fast fashion, works together better and adds some fun back in to getting dressed again.

As I start to pop around on the internet for things of this nature again... here are a few things catching my eye:

1. Any simple jewelry that I can wear with anything. I love simple huggie earrings for everyday wear, but also leveling up a bit for a slight drop style earring.  I also love that simple delicate chain necklace, but leveling up for the chunkier chain necklace.

2. I love comfy pants as much as the next person. But I'm adding to my fav go-to black leggings some 
pants that can be dressed up or down but still in comfy material.

3. I have a drawer full of white tees (I swear they're all slightly different), but I'm leveling up this season with some BRIGHT colored tees, like hot and/or bubble gum pink tees (lighter pink here & long sleeve here).

4. I'm leveling up my morning face routine by moving from foundation to tinted sunscreen the majority of the time. Sunscreen is so important, and even the days I don't plan to be outside, I sit by a window and always find myself on a walk or spending at least a little time outside.

5. I'm not giving up my sweatshirts but leveling up from frumpy to fancy ones, and the options are endless out there! Like this color-block style, sleek white one, fun tie-dye print, and one for summer with short puff sleeves.

6. I have to be honest... I have rarely worn a real bra this entire last year, and I really don't want to go back.  Finding a supportive and comfortable bra that is flattering is my ultimate goal. Right now, for a larger chest, I'm pretty smitten with this sports bra that has shape and is super comfortable from workout to every day wear!

7.  From make up to skincare, this is one habit from a year at home I hope to upkeep! I plan to spend less time and money on changing the way my face looks to taking care of the one I have.  I found my current favorite skincare line at the start of the pandemic and have been using it since.

What habits from the pandemic do you hope to change or keep? 
What is inspiring you this season of transitions?

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