Chasing Davies: March 2010

March 31, 2010

Gem of Kansas City: Inimate Apparel Better than any Chain

Hi Lovelies!  I have another new feature (this one will be less frequent) to share this week.  All inspired by one small, but unique, French and vintage Kansas City local and independent intimate apparel store I visited this weekend.

Birdies is located in the Kansas City, Missouri's Crossroad District at 18th and Wyandotte (map).  The store is only 100 square feet, but swanky and fun, organized and comprised of many beautiful options.

From vintage lingerie, to French bra and underwear sets, and even swimwear, this is the perfect place to go for a bachelorette or bridal gift or for something out of the ordinary, a fitting, or a quality piece for yourself.  I went for both.

I left Birdies with my first French lingerie set.  The French really do, do it better.  Not only is the fit amazingly perfect, but the design and look is so pretty.

I also picked up the perfect lingerie set for a friend's upcoming bachelorette party.  I know she won't end up with a duplicate of this, or anything too similar.

Not only were there tons of great things to look at and try on, but the ladies working there were so helpful and sweet.  Helped me find the perfect gift for my friend, and for myself. 

Have a hard-to-find size? They often carry many sizes that are hard to find, but can also make orders easily and quick!  So there really is something for everyone - well-endowed, to small and petite; Lingerie, bra/underwear sets or individual to swimwear.

If you live or are ever in the Kansas City area - you must check this place out.

Not in the Kansas City area? Or even if you are. They have a super fun program, called Panty of the Month.  "Beautiful, comfortable panties shipped lovingly to the lady of your choice [or yourself].  Soft, fun and feminine, [Birdies'] original club is an ongoing romantic and caring gift delivered in pretty seasonal packages."
You can order online or in the store and can be shipped anywhere.

$300 for 12 months of panties, one a month, includes shipping and tax
$200 for 6 months of panties, one a month, includes shipping and tax

What a fun bachelorette gift that a few friends could go in on?  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving...

Final thought:  It's a must visit.  Check it out and you won't be disappointed. Fabulous gifts, and something fun for yourself.

Shoe(s) of the Day - More than just pumps

This weekend a friend of mine and I made an online order together for these two beautiful pumps from Newport-News:

I spied these awhile ago, but didn't have the nerve to go for it. They recently came back to the site, so I decided to jump on it this time. Hopefully I'll like them IRL.

My friend got the the nude and pink ones.

I'll post IRL pics with a review when they arrive (they're on back order until MAY! Boooooo.....).

March 30, 2010

Shoe(s) of the Day - Bejeweled Peep-Toes

I took a trip to Kohl's this past weekend, and besides finding lots of cute clothes (separate post on that to come), these super cute and comfy Simply Vera Heels.

Purple and Gray versions
Not available online.

Both so cute...

Gray (with pant leg up and one down)


I got the purple!

Sorry about the poorly polished toes.  It's been a long winter, but getting a pedi this week!! woop!

Getting Ready for the Pool!

Feminine, yet sophisticated.  Sexy, yet modest.  Beautiful One-Piece swimsuits for summer!

$30 - Old Navy
I got this one.  I love it!  The ruched middle so comfortable, and deep plunge of the neckline keeps it edgy.

Love the ruched fabric and sweetheart neckline.  This vibrant color is so fun!

Love this color and the one-shoulder.  Looks like a chic-summer outfit!

Another beautiful blue suit, for less.  I love this one. 
$35 - Target
Have read the reviews here, and some complaints if you are taller - the torso may not be long enough, and this doesn't have the best support, so if you are only the larger chest side, may not work. Two reasons that I'm not getting this - but otherwise, so cute.

 $58 - FigLeaves
I like this one-shoulder a lot.  It would be a cute top with a skirt on!

What do you think about one-piece suits?  Would you wear one?

March 29, 2010

J.Crew's Jenna Interview with Lucky

Jenna Lyons' (J.Crew's Creative Director) Shopping Secrets!  She sits down with Lucky to answer some fun questions.  Some highlights:

- Jenna is rocking a Canadian Suit (all denim).
- Her son helps her get ready in the morning by picking out the shoes she'll wear - and then Jenna whips up an outfit on that (awww...)
-"Extreme is actually more interesting than following the middle road" - Jenna.  So true!
- She's an Online shopper! And likes to shop alone...

Shoe of the Day - Summer Sandals

I think these beaded summery sandals are so cute.  I love the tie detail on the back.

Only $24 from Newport - News

Favorite Blogger Outfits: Green with Envy

Happy Monday readers!  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, bu the good thing about Mondays?  A new start, new week, and a warmer week (temps starting to get more spring-like this week here)!!

With this new start, I'm going to add a regular feature: Favorite Blogger Outfits.  Once a week (or most weeks), I will feature my favorite blogger outfit from the prior week.  I decided to do this, because sometimes I find inspiration for my own outfits from other stylish bloggers - and that is one reason why I read blogs, to see how you all are styling and what you all are buying!  So, with that, I present my first Favorite Blogger Outfit Feature:

Courtnee, from Moments of Whimsy, always looks stylish - but this look is one of my favorites of hers!  I am an absolute sucker for Kelly Green.  Anytime, all the time.  It is a vibrant color that looks good on anyone, and clearly Courtnee.  Then, her shoe.  Awesome.  Love the pop of animal print with a the vibrant color. 

Her clothing details:
Dress: Reed Shirtdress from Anthro
Shoes: Leopard Peep-toes from Aldo (similar)

March 26, 2010

Dress for Less: Flat Sandals

Pretty sandals for summer:


Etsy in Bloom

Some major Etsy lovin' and lustin' over this:

Gorgeous fabric flower necklace in Buttercream Blossom by Fresh Metal

March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, SJP!

Sarah Jessica Parker's birthday is TODAY!  She is one of my most favorite actresses (Sex and the City is my favorite thing ever), and fashion inspiration (even though our body types are not at all the same).

And even more impressing, her constant refreshes of her looks and style - keeping us all on our toes and fashion-forward.  Proof?

SJP for her Footloose Days - 1984 {InStyle Photo Gallery}

And look at her now...

{InStyle Look of the Day on 3/21}

Love this look and that dress! Dress for Less with this....

Dillards Dress by Collective Concepts

Channeling Spring

Through my new Liberty of London Dress.  What could be more spring than this print?!

Bare legs again, I know.... Once you start, you just can't stop.  Despite the weather (back to gray, cool and rainy - gggaaaaa!)  Love this Liberty of London Dress.  So comfy and fun!

Dazzled it up with a cumber bun.  A sparkly, SEQUINED cumber bun (Urban Outfitters, years ago)!
Target blue jeweled flats

And here is my outfit with my new Target Bench I  finally go this week!! I LOVE IT!

 So much storage!


March 24, 2010

Shoe of the Day - Metallic Wedges

Metallic + Wedge

Fun Summer Sandal!

Simple Vera Vera Wang Thyme Wedges

Bare Legs!

I don't care if it might get cold again and sleet and rain and be grey outside!  Yesterday it was sunny and BEAUTIFUL.  So I went pantless.  No pants, no tights - nothing!  Bare legs, I tell ya!

and it felt great. ;)

A little crystal bedazzle Gray T (Forever21) under my hot pink J.Crew Ebay Cardi.

(Skirt - Banana Republic year or so ago)

Bow Peep Toes (year or two ago from Simply Vera)

March 23, 2010

The Battle Continues: Debut of the Grey Paint

The new yellow painted living room is really coming in handy these days as Spring 2010 starts out with snow storms, clouds and sleety rain.  However, not everywhere in my home is bright and cheerful.  Remember the Grey-paint debate?  I chose one and the hallways are now done!  With the white trim, the grey walls pop and look so beautiful - a lot more beautiful than the grey outside (though today is sunny, so I should stop my b*ching).

Oui!  Ok, I digress...  On to the debut of the Grey Hallway, right after a little reminder of the Before:


See? Spring vs. Winter ;)

I chose to use Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray
and I love it!

Spring vs. Winter

This past weekend Kansas City got 8 inches of snow Friday night into early Sunday morning.  Monday through Wednesday it's going to be in the 50s and 60s (YAY!).  BUT, again they are calling for snow come this weekend!

This photo sums up this battle between Spring and Winter:

I got these beautiful Hydrangeas from Costco this weekend for $8!  These paired with my sunny painted room, I'm making my own spring while Winter tries to hang on.

March 22, 2010

Mascara Deluxe Sampler Review (Part 1, of 10)

After my mascara post a few months ago, I decided to go ahead and get the Sephora LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler.  This thing comes with 10 high end deluxe-sized samples of mascara.  Since Dior didn't wow me, and I'm still loving the cheapies - I decided to give this a try to see if I could find something to perk up my eye lashes and in the meantime, I'll review each one as I use them.  

First up!  0.16 oz Hourglass Superficial Lash sample:

I've used this mascara for a few weeks now (it's about gone now, but 3 weeks of use isn't bad at all!), and I could never use it alone.

PROS: It did a nice job in lengthening my lashes.  No smell.  Not clumpy.

CONS: No thickening at all.  The color was pretty light.  No wow factor.

Disclaimer: it's hard to take pics of your eyes so close without looking like something out of a fun mirror.

The eye to your right is mascara free.  My natural lashes are relatively long, however, they are light and thin, so hard to see.

The eye to you left has hourglass mascara applied.

Final thoughts on this one:

I would not buy this sucker for $26.  You could easily find this kind of result in a drugstore brand for cheap cheapity cheap.

On to the next one!  

Next to Review: Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara

Mixing Stripes and Polka Dots

Remember the striped skirt from Anthro I really wanted?!  I got it.

And I mixed this skirt with polka dots...

Target Cardi (I got mine for $7 at my store)
Anthro Skirt (not anywhere near $7)
Skinny black belt - who knows, old

March 20, 2010

Old Navy Deals & Reviews, plus 30% off!

I went to Old Navy for Friends and Family 30% off (now through Sunday 3/21).  Found some really cute things!

Finally tried on, and loved, so bought, this striped dress:

Women's Ruffle Trim Tank Dress

Ruffle Detail is subtle:
Styling ideas for cool weather and warm - here!

Very comfy.  You just pull it on and go. 
 Skirts - one to keep and one to leave:

Yellow linen-blend whirly skirt

and this one, can't find online.

I got the Yellow one. I tend to be drawn towards A-line skirts more, due to 'da hips.  And this whtie one had funky liner.  It stopped mid way and you can see it and I certainly could feel it.  It was like the liner was bunched up - but they were all like that.

Oh and I did get the striped shirt (not avail online) that is worn with the skirts.  $4 before 30% off. Super comfy.

Need a 30% off Friends and Family coupon - good at Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap now through Sunday, 3/31?? Comment here with your email and let me know - I can send you one!

March 19, 2010

My Own Floral Belt

Loving the floral belts for Spring, but instead of buying one - I clumped together 3 flower pins I had gotten for $1 each at New York and Co. last summer.

I pinned them to the dress' wrap around fabric to make a floral belt-like look.

I think these would look fun clustered near a shoulder as well. :)

My purple shoes.

Flower pins - NY&Co last summer
Dress - NY&Co last summer
3/4 Sleeve Shirt - J.Crew
Ashy Gray Tights - Target
Shoes - Urban Outfitters long time ago