Chasing Davies: Gem of Kansas City: Inimate Apparel Better than any Chain

March 31, 2010

Gem of Kansas City: Inimate Apparel Better than any Chain

Hi Lovelies!  I have another new feature (this one will be less frequent) to share this week.  All inspired by one small, but unique, French and vintage Kansas City local and independent intimate apparel store I visited this weekend.

Birdies is located in the Kansas City, Missouri's Crossroad District at 18th and Wyandotte (map).  The store is only 100 square feet, but swanky and fun, organized and comprised of many beautiful options.

From vintage lingerie, to French bra and underwear sets, and even swimwear, this is the perfect place to go for a bachelorette or bridal gift or for something out of the ordinary, a fitting, or a quality piece for yourself.  I went for both.

I left Birdies with my first French lingerie set.  The French really do, do it better.  Not only is the fit amazingly perfect, but the design and look is so pretty.

I also picked up the perfect lingerie set for a friend's upcoming bachelorette party.  I know she won't end up with a duplicate of this, or anything too similar.

Not only were there tons of great things to look at and try on, but the ladies working there were so helpful and sweet.  Helped me find the perfect gift for my friend, and for myself. 

Have a hard-to-find size? They often carry many sizes that are hard to find, but can also make orders easily and quick!  So there really is something for everyone - well-endowed, to small and petite; Lingerie, bra/underwear sets or individual to swimwear.

If you live or are ever in the Kansas City area - you must check this place out.

Not in the Kansas City area? Or even if you are. They have a super fun program, called Panty of the Month.  "Beautiful, comfortable panties shipped lovingly to the lady of your choice [or yourself].  Soft, fun and feminine, [Birdies'] original club is an ongoing romantic and caring gift delivered in pretty seasonal packages."
You can order online or in the store and can be shipped anywhere.

$300 for 12 months of panties, one a month, includes shipping and tax
$200 for 6 months of panties, one a month, includes shipping and tax

What a fun bachelorette gift that a few friends could go in on?  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving...

Final thought:  It's a must visit.  Check it out and you won't be disappointed. Fabulous gifts, and something fun for yourself.