Chasing Davies: Two Months with Home Lattes!

February 18, 2020

Two Months with Home Lattes!

After a lot of research and a lot of talking, I finally got a Nespresso and Breville milk frother (both on sale!) and built a little coffee nook in my kitchen to make my own lattes at home.  I've had other coffee makers in the past that have just never cut it, and my Starbucks habit was getting out of hand.  

What I really wanted, and how I take my coffee is a shot (or sometimes two) of espresso with steamed milk (and milk alternatives). But I also didn't want a big, messy espresso machine that was too much work to maintain or too long to prepare each morning (as I'm running out the door 5 minutes late).

Many review sites later, talking to friends and trying their different machines I landed on the Nespresso De'Longhi with original pods (they are cheaper than the vertuo pods) that is slim enough to not take up a ton of space, but has a reserve of water on the backside so I don't have to fill it every time.  I love how fast the machine heats up (25 seconds!) to make my quick espresso (there is also a coffee "lungo" option).

Another important component to making a latte - a milk frother (and warmer!).  I did a ton of research on this, too, and Breville brand was the best hands down.  The Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother is as easy as a push of a button to getting the perfect milk froth. And you can make a single to a few cups worth at one time. 

Both of these machines have lived up to the research hype and my expectations. In fact, after two solid months of drinking a homemade latte 6 times a week, I grabbed a Starbucks while out running errands last week and was appalled.  The taste was bitter and almost-burnt tasting. I wasn't used to that, and must say, my homemade lattes have been super smooth.

I've tried oat milk, dairy milk and almond milk - all work well with different frothing amounts pending the milk. I even played with using chocolate almond milk for a chocolate latte. I added cinnamon and a bit of vanilla to the milk, too.

The Breville frother comes with a cappuccino and latte (or hot cocoa) blender so you can control the froth (more with the cappuccino blender). 

For the most efficient latte making (again, as I'm running out the door), I have my little station with my machines on a tray with my cups (both mugs and to-go) right above and the Nespresso original pods right below. I also keep the Nespresso bag in that drawer to send my used pods back in which they recycle. 

With your Nespresso machine, they send you a sample pack of pods. And my first order, I ordered a variety to find my favs. So far, I'm loving the Vanilo, and when I want a stronger kick - the Ristretto is their dark, intense blend.  I strongly recommend the flavored variety and best sellers sample packs for a better variety (or to learn what your favs are).

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