Chasing Davies: Downton Abbey Movie Watch Party & Inspired Food Contest

December 18, 2019

Downton Abbey Movie Watch Party & Inspired Food Contest

All the characters that you know and love from the series are back together in the new Downton Abbey movie! So, I had to gather all my favorite characters in real life for a watch party upon receiving my copy of the Downton Abbey DVD from Walmart (also available on

The story in the movie picks up where the series from TV left off.  And just like from before, the plot thickens around meals, at the dining table and over tea it seems! Since my favorite combo is a movie and food, I thought adding a food dish contest inspired off of the movie would be a fun addition to the watch party! 

The rules were simple. My friends coming over for the Downton Abbey DVD watch party could choose to bring (and participate) in the contest. I created and pre-shared the score card, so that they could optimize their dish selection for the best chances. Other than that, you just had to bring over any sort of dish (app, side, dessert, etc) inspired by the Downton Abbey cast and time period.

Once everyone arrived, we first judged the looks of the dishes and then dug in! Our plates were full with all the British inspired goodness. It was fun to try some new dishes and everyone really got into the spirit over the excitement of the movie.

The scorecard:

We started with English cheese and crackers!

The contestants and their dishes:

 We had such an awesome variety of dishes. In addition to the English cheese ;), we also had "downstairs" beef Wellington, cucumber tea sandwiches, lemon bean cake (made with actual cannelloni beans!), Dutches potatoes and berry scones. 

And, I really loved all the food. 

And after the movie, we finalized our votes and added it all up. We had a winner for each category and an overall winner.

 The overall winner was my friend, Angela with her "downstairs" beef Wellington dish. They were really good! She went with the theme on downstairs vs. upstairs since they were made with ground beef instead of sirloin. ;)

But the real winner of the night? The Downton Abbey movie! 

Head to Walmart and purchase the new release of Downton Abbey DVD today (and don't forget to pick this up for a gift!)

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