Chasing Davies: Untangling my daughter's massive tangles

April 22, 2019

Untangling my daughter's massive tangles

Nora's hair is super prone to tangles. So much so that we dread the post shower brush-out and it's a huge fight from her to let me finish brushing her hair out. Her hair is semi-curly (seems to be getting less curly as she gets older, which makes me sad...) doesn't seem coarse or anything, but it just catches against itself, I guess.

So, after a lot of trial and error - I have found a product routine that has taken the struggle out of brushing her hair and I had to share in case anyone else out there is chasing their kid trying to brush their hair.

1. Recently, I got this new Dove ultracare repair conditioner that is legit. Not only does it smell good, but really gets her hair silky (I use it, too, to repair my ends!). Her tangley hair above looks 10x better than it did getting out of the shower before this stuff.

2. While rinsing the conditioner out, I have her brush hair with this hair scalp massager. (bonus - feels great!)

3. After the shower, we dry her hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel (there is also this anti-frizz hair towel if you don't want to use a t-shirt). I do this with my own hair, and Nora wanted to wrap a t-shirt around her head like mama. But I actually think this has helped! The terry cloth of the towel roughs up her hair too much as she dries it.

4. After her hair is t-shirt dried a bit, I use this hair detangling spray (but I'm sure you could use any kind) and this de-frizz leave-in conditioner and styling cream (this was seriously a game-changer). Then I brush with short strokes - use the wet brush and tangle teaser hairbrush (just whichever one is around, they both are great).

5. In addition, she has silk-like pillowcases that she sleeps on each night. This helps her hair stay smoother longer (since we don't wash her hair every night). I have these same pillowcases (in white). 

This marble tray is my favorite way to corral products (hand soap, lotion, hair products) in a bathroom/near a sink.

Shop the products to no-tangles:

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