Chasing Davies: What to get from Target RIGHT NOW!

June 17, 2018

What to get from Target RIGHT NOW!


It's been awhile since I've done one of these - but that is only because I've been lazy, as I've still been loving on my Target!  And right now is too good not to share!

1. Starting with Swimsuits, because right now it's BOGO (for the whole fam)! My friends and I have literally been scooping up swimsuits from Target this summer, including what we wore in Costa Rica.

Some of my favorite suits:

2. There shoes are also totally my style this season!  I'm getting these ones right now.

3. I'm really loving their earnings right now - especially all the gold drop and statement earrings. These ones are in my cart now.

4. This is the best tank I own. I love it, and you need it (in any/all colors because they are 2 for $10!).

5. Summer dresses are a must have! Loving this pink button up one, and this denim one is a must.

6. Totes for the pool and everything else this summer...

7. Target is the BEST place to grab sunnies - especially fun/trendy ones (because you can afford to get over them by the end of the season, or loose them in the lake/ocean!).

Shop the rest of these goods here:

Happy Target Shopping!

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