Chasing Davies: Kansas City Treat: Waffle Bar

February 23, 2018

Kansas City Treat: Waffle Bar

KC has a (semi) new sweet pop up shop up right now.  The Waffle Bar is the perfect mix of savory and sweet and is located on the east side of the Plaza, at Central and Ward Parkway (behind the Apple store).  They have all kinds of mixtures and options - you can add ice cream to your waffle, lots of different toppings to choose from and even eat it off a stick.  The waffles are airy and fluffy, so depending on what you get on top, it actually didn't feel super heavy.

We went over the holiday break (so a couple months ago now), but I'm looking forward to going back when the weather is a bit warmer. It's a super tiny spot, so only fits about one group, with only one table - so keep that in mind!

Whether you need a break from your healthy New Years resolutions or to get your kids out of the house for a special treat - it's worth checking out!  I know my kids thought it was super cool - and they loved picking out their toppings.  Here are a few pics of our adventure and treats:

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