Chasing Davies: Happy 4th Birthday, Nora!

November 21, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday, Nora!


Where does the time go (and so quickly!)?  Nora is already 4 today! Zoooom, Swish, Zap!  I'm pretty sure she was just a baby a hot second ago. I love all that she's become - her little personality is in full force, sass and all!  When she's comfortable, she is my little chatter box, and she's super shy and reserved around new people/situations.  It's so funny to see what excites her and what she is just like "nah" to (one of those being people singing happy birthday to her - nope!).

My favorite thing about Nora is that you can actually reason with her - she asks really good questions and seems to listen, understand and considers.  BUT, she still makes up her own mind - sticking to her own interests and doesn't care what anyone else is doing. Case in point: I try to get her to wear her hair up, in piggy tails, buns, etc all the time (just to get it out of her face mainly, plus it's so cute!), and she doesn't go for it, even when I tell her all her friends are wearing their hair up, braided back, etc! I love that about her.

She is all about singing around the house and in the car these days (you might have caught some of her master pieces on my IG Stories).  She sings at the top of her lungs, out of tune and all, making up her own words - which has us grinning from ear to ear at what she strings together.  She still loves to cuddle, which makes me heart happy. And she loves her brother fiercely. He is pretty much the coolest person in the world to her.  She is going to be fun to watch grow even further, but I wish time would slow down just a little.  

Here is a look back on some of my favorite photos/images of my little bean. Happy birthday my sweet Nora! xoxo

Happy FOURTH baby girl! I love you! 

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