Chasing Davies: Camp Out & Hay Bales

November 7, 2017

Camp Out & Hay Bales


This last weekend, we had our friend's annual Oktoberfest (yes, a couple months late...). And what once used to be a bunch of 20-somethings drinking late into the night has turned into a bunch of kids hoping around on hay bales and begging for s'mores (hey - me, too!).  My how the times have changed.

This year, my husband had both the kids camp out with him (last year, just he and Liam camped).  I helped get them in their jammies and tucked into their brand new sleeping bags, and then I headed home to sleep in an actual bed.  I'm not totally opposed to camping, but not 20 mins on a night when I'm getting an extra hour of sleep!  I enjoyed my quiet house. ;)

But Greg loves any excuse to use his tent - and the kids loved playing in it (and sleeping some...).  It worked out well, even through the night rain!  See some picks of my hay bale hopping kids + Liam's new smile sans ANOTHER lost tooth (up to 5 now - and only in Kindergarten! yikes.)

My Outfit Details (including my favorite coat - mine is a slightly lighter pink!):

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