Chasing Davies: Big Cedar, You Impressed Me!

October 12, 2017

Big Cedar, You Impressed Me!

Living only a bit over 3 hours away from Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO - I had definitely heard about it, and even seen some photos, but I never gave it much thought...  Just figured it was either part of the cheesy scene that some of Branson has to offer or another lake attraction.  I didn't even bring my real camera (and boy do I wish I had)!

But this past weekend, my husband had a work event that was family-friendly - so we all went along with him.  We didn't arrive until after dark on Friday night - which made for a semi-scary drive up to the property with all the tight turns/windy roads.  Big Cedar Lodge is an expansive property nestled into the hills of Missouri - or as they say - at the top of the rock. 

The next morning, as my husband was at his work event, the kids and I set out to explore the area on their walking paths. I was immediately blown away on the views and the beauty of the property itself.  We got way lost - trying to get to one area and ended up on the totally wrong side - but it was fun doing so.

After a morning of wondering and my husband working, we went to the properties Fun Mountain for lunch - and there was a fun indoor playground that resembled a ship with brightly colored underwater design all over the ceiling for the kids to play on. 

After that, we drove not too far off property to the Lost Canyon Trail and Nature Trail.  We took a Cave Tour, and it was hilarious. First, they have everyone drive golf-like carts through the trail and into/through the cave.  And because it's October - they had haunted decor all along the trail.

My favorite part was that the cave had a bar! We couldn't pass up grabbing a drink for the rest of the trail.  Along the way, we got out to look at waterfalls and spooky decor.

The property is on a lake - but it wasn't the wild Ozark lake I had in my mind. It was nice, calm and pretty.  We took a boat ride to dinner one night and walked along it Sunday morning. We went to a cute breakfast cafe on property that was along the lake, too.  Nora loved being our guide with the map - maybe that's why we kept getting lost? ;)

Anyways - a great little getaway for our family!
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