Chasing Davies: Back to School Excitement & Anxiety!

August 3, 2017

Back to School Excitement & Anxiety!


This is the first year that I can actually say "back to school" (or rather - starting school) around this season, as Liam is starting Kindergarten in just a couple short weeks. While he is so excited, I'm so nervous! I'm getting a bit anxious about everything still to do and how this new chapter in our lives will be!  It kind of feels like I'm starting school all over again, and instead of worry about if I'll make friends, I'm worrying about if he will, and so on.

Of course, it's not all worry, it's all very exciting, too. I'm looking forward to seeing how Liam will learn and grow throughout this big year, but I'm a bit apprehensive on all the more structured schedules and activities to fit into what seems like an already very busy life. 

But my goal for my family this year is to embrace change, get to know as many new friends as possible and just have fun!  (and if I could somehow slow time down... that'd be nice, too.)

While Nora will continue to go to her same school, it will be different for her to not have her brother with her. I'm excited to see how she blossoms and develops her own little personality (though her fierce attitude tells me she's already doing that) without her big brother in her same class.  

But you know what I'm really not as excited about? (I know, this is really all about me, apparently!) dropping off and picking up two kids to two different schools! We've really gotten in a good groove over the last couple of years with the kiddos at the same school. I typically take the kids to school, and Greg or my mom picks them up. I feel like I don't have to rush out of work and compete with traffic, which helps my anxiety levels...

Regardless of our excitement or nervousness - it's all coming, and that means... back to school shopping! That is certainly one thing I can get behind! ;)  But also still on my to-do list!  

These cute outfits (plus so many others from their back to school collection) by Gymboree are making me feel a bit better about everything. Both of the kids picked these outfits out (plus a few others) and are already begging to wear them (hence these photos).  So, at least we have our back to school looks, and some new fall clothes!

Outfit Details: Nora's Dress, Liam's Tee, Pants & Jacket

School supplies, we're coming for you next!

 What are YOUR back to school goals - or tips if you've recently started kindergarten?  

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