Chasing Davies: Mamas & Minis Collective: Summer Activities in KC

May 23, 2017

Mamas & Minis Collective: Summer Activities in KC

Mama and Son afternoon date 

After a long vacation away recently (part 1 here!), I was really excited to get back to my kids, and home in Kansas City! I had tons of ideas and plans for our first weekend back (after a painful week of catching up at work and home)!  We started out last Saturday as a family, running some errands on the Plaza (running errands can be fun when it's a beautiful day and you're on the Plaza!).

 After, we split up, and Liam and I went on an impromptu mama/son date!  I had been desperate to check out the new Simple Machines at Play at Kansas City's Union Station Science City, and was invited to check out the MilliporeSigma’s Curiosity Cube, which is making it's way around the KC area through May, ending at Union Station on Sunday, May 28th from 3pm to 7pm during Celebration at the Station - open to all!  I thought his would be the perfect data location for Liam and I, followed by lunch.

Lands End Stripe Dress
{^ hugging good bye before we split up for the afternoon, haha}

I loved the Curiosity Cube!  It is literally a cub filled with hands-on laboratory experiences that are critical to sparking interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  And even though Liam is only 5 (and a half almost!), he loved it (and so did I).  MilliporeSigma is a global life science company with a campus right here in the area (Lenexa).

The first thing we did was learn about DNA - and Liam got to see his own! He is still carrying around his test tube of DNA (spit) and showing it off to all who are interested (or not). ;) . Then we learned about the brain - and even got to view a small sliver of it in

Curiosity Cube by MilliporeSgima in Kansas City

 While this is just a temporary part, Science City at Union Station has a ton of wonderful things to offer and teach your kids - especially this summer when school is out and you might be looking for fun things to do (inside and outside parts).  We also got to try out the new Simple Machines at Play outdoor portion - and Liam was in complete awe! These mechanical devices allow your kids to climb, race, lift and slide — moving their bodies and engaging their minds!

We especially loved the three-story tall Luckey Climber structure which had me super jealous of Liam's view over Kansas City!  This was like a vertical maze through layers of "potato chip-like discs," as Liam put it.

KC Simple Machines at Play Luckey Climber at Science City
Summer outdoor fun activities for kids in Kansas City

 There are also 7 other machines to explore!  The Just Plane Zippy (zip line) was also a favorite - again, another simple machine I wish adults could play on (we need an adult version of this place!).

After the Curiosity Cube, and outdoor Simple Machines at Play exhibit, we headed inside to see some of our favorite things that Science City has to offer (like the dinosaur, tree bridge, and building room) before heading off to lunch. 

I asked Liam where he wanted to go for lunch - and he was all about our local favorite diner, Winstead's (he knew he'd get a milkshake, that's why). But I do love this long-time KC favorite diner and all the turquoise and hot pink accents they have going on inside. It is definitely a favorite KC spot!

What a wonderful afternoon we had!  Liam is already asking me when the next mama/son date will be and if can be a WHOLE day, so that certainly makes me happy. I'd love any mama/kid date ideas (in Kansas City or not) that you have.  I'll be needing to take Nora on one next!

Outfit details: 
My dress is c/o Lands End, and it's super comfy - also on sale!  

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