Chasing Davies: Quick Denver Trip: Birthdays & Babies!

May 2, 2017

Quick Denver Trip: Birthdays & Babies!


I headed to Denver for a quick trip this past week. I was able to do most of my work from the road (flights are always an awesome time to catch up on email and my computer is practically glued to me...) and I was able to spend my sister's birthday with her. Alli lives in Denver - and it's been way too long since I've been there to visit (she's been coming back home mostly). Birthdays are always a good time to visit + I have a couple of friends in the same area that have recently had babies!  I was able to meet the wee ones, totally maximizing my visit!

I landed in Denver on my sister's actual birthday, so after wrapping up some work, we headed to dinner in LoDo at Rio Grande, a Mexican restaurant with the best margaritas (so I've heard! ;).  After dinner, we headed to Upstairs Circus - a DIY project & cocktail bar. We got a big table with all the tools we needed, and a menu of 20+ DIY projects to pick from. My sister, 2 of her friends and I all picked different projects, drank and sang to the good music. It was really a blast.

I ended up with a pretty good piece of string art. ;) I made a cactus with pink floral buds on white background.  My sister made a jewelry organizer that hangs on the wall. It was nice having the girls who worked there around to show us quicker ways to do things/help when needed.  I highly recommend a girls night here - it was a blast.

DIY bar in Denver

If you're looking for a good brunch spot in Denver (also in Boulder), check out Lucile's.  So good. Alli and I had coffee and a mix of eggs, homemade biscuits and grits, and then went for a walk around Washington Park. It was the perfect start to a busy day packed with visits.

My dear, sweet friend and old roomie, Emily, lives in Denver, too. I love getting to see her and her growing family when I'm in town (she also comes to visit me in KC). She just had her second baby two weeks ago, so I spent some of the day with them. Emily lives in the Highlands area, and when ever I go to visit her, we always walk to the near by shops/restaurant districts. 

The Perfect Petal is one of my favorite spots with really cool gifts, home decor, jewelry and art!  In the back of the store, there is a flower shop with the most amazing room of the freshest florals.  Just standing in there for a few minutes can turn any day around.

Later that day, I also got to see my other friend and old co-worker, Laura, and meet her sweet 6 month old TWINS!  They were so fun - at that fun age of lots of facial expressions and playing. 

The trip was too short - but I'll back this summer, this time with my whole family!  Until then, any Denver/Vail recommendations??
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