Chasing Davies: Mamas & Minis Collective: Easter Tees!

March 23, 2017

Mamas & Minis Collective: Easter Tees!

Getting my kids dressed, let alone getting them to wear something I want them to wear, is a challenge! Liam would wear sweatpants or sport-shorts on the regular (and to be honest, he basically does) if it were up to him. And while every once in awhile, Nora gets excited to wear a dress or skirt, she mainly wants to dress like her brother! So, they both pretty much live in t-shirts! For them, it's about being ultra comfy - and who am I to argue with them on that!?

So, I especially love seasonal relevant, cute tees that they love to wear! My kids will celebrate any and all holidays, so when I surprised them with these cute bunny tees for Easter, they quickly swapped out what they were wearing already to don them - and then proceeded to hop like bunnies the remainder of the afternoon! I am cracking up over their faces of focus! 

Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek of Nora and my Easter looks (I'm still shopping/looking for Liam's!). HINT: We're feeling blue for this Easter. ;)

Shop their Easter Tees & Kicks:

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