Chasing Davies: Mamas & Minis Collective: 6 Toddler Books on Real-Life Heroes

February 22, 2017

Mamas & Minis Collective: 6 Toddler Books on Real-Life Heroes


A few weekends ago I saw Hidden Figures with my friend and her 8 year old daughter (my Goddaughter!), and I was so inspired. I practically cried the entire time! Those women are my heroes! I cannot wait until my kids - both Liam and Nora - are old enough to see that movie (and learn from it)!  And since they aren't right now, it got me thinking about other things I could be doing to teach them and show them real-life heroes worth learning about and learning from. I want them to know all kinds of inspiring stories from those that have paved the way of so many others, but more importantly, show them that no matter their ideas, they can give them a voice.

I want to instill creativity and perseverance, and show them they don't have to follow stereotypes on what they should/shouldn't do, but rather go after their dreams whether that's becoming a scientist or a teacher.  I also was looking for books that had real ways to inspire and problem solve!

Shop my favorites here:

So, I did a bunch of searching and Amazon shopping, and picked up a bundle of great books! Then two-days later when I got them, I couldn't wait to to start reading them to my kids.  We've been enjoying them ever since - and my very favorite is when my kids ask me questions about these real life superheros after we're done reading the book, and we have a great discussion. My kids are only 3 and 5, but it's never too early to start talking about going after your dreams!

Do you have any favorite books??
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