Chasing Davies: Making Our Own Valentine's | DIY Valentine's Day Cards

January 17, 2017

Making Our Own Valentine's | DIY Valentine's Day Cards


The last few years, my husband and I have stayed up late the night before our kids' school Valentine's Day party, getting their Valentine's cards together (writing their names/putting them together/sorting them).  This year, I wanted to get the kids more involved (now that they are older) - and get ahead to avoid the night before panic! And this past weekend was the perfect time to break out this craft since we were iced in!  

We were going a bit stir crazy.  The kids really wanted to go outside, so I took them to play in some fresh (cold) air in between ice showers - and while it didn't last too long, it's always good for them to get outside!  After thawing out, we began our DIY Valentine's craft and the kids loved it so much, they did that for the next TWO hours (I helped some, but also was able to clean the kitchen)!  I love when they get into things like this, and are now really excited to share their own little creations with their friends in February. 

So, to make our very own Valentine's cards to hand out to Liam and Nora's friends at school, we covered the table in paper (to protect from paint/markers/spills) and got the following supplies:

1. Perforated Paper
2. Paint and/or Markers (we used both!)
3. Stencils to help make your designs
Optional: A gift to affix to the back. We chose to give heart stickers!

And then, I really just let the kids go at it!  Nora kept it pretty abstract, while Liam was really intentional about drawing a design on each specific card.  And there were vary few messes, if you can believe it or not. The only major spill was by me when knocked Nora's water cup for her paint brushes over across the table. Oy.

 {matching buns!}

And here is where the perforated paper really comes in hand!  
It was so easy to separate the pieces!

After I separated all the cards, I used wasabi tape to affix stickers to the back as a lil' gift for each kid.

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