Chasing Davies: Review: Eye Lash Extensions with Beauty Brands!

December 16, 2016

Review: Eye Lash Extensions with Beauty Brands!


A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and finally got the much heard about eye lash extensions.  Have you heard about these?  In case note, they are false, individual lashes glued to the base of your own and lay gently on top, in between and to the sides (depending on your own lashes). There are many different lengths and styles you can get, even different colors!  And your own lash length should be taken in consideration when deciding on the length, too!

I went to Beauty Brands (in Kansas City, the Plaza location), and found them to be really knowledgeable on the process, service and recommendations. After they examined my eyes and lashes, we talked about my style and routine + desires and wishes for my lashes. Because my natural eye lashes are actually kind of long (just see through apparently!), I was able to get the longest extensions!  I didn't want to have to wear mascara - I just wanted long, darker lashes that framed my eyes.  And I got just that.  

To get your lashes done the first time, you'll want to block off at least 2 hours, maybe more if you want to talk it through more in depth first. You can also test the glue they use prior to going all in.  Beauty Brands told me that some glues can cause allergic-like reactions.  They use a glue that is a bit safer and causes less reactions.  They also recommneded taking a daily allergy pill if you think you might have a slight reaction.  I have sensitive eyes, so something I was worried about. Thankfully, I didn't have an issue!

I love the look, especially when compared to my au natural before look (I don't even see lashes!) to the after look immidiately following my appointment (still no make up!):

I have to say, at first I was worried about the 2 hour time frame. I am way to busy for that!  They tape your lower lashes down to keep them from getting glued to your tops and you have to keep you eyes shut the whole time! But I actually enjoyed it... mainly because I fell asleep and actually got a nap, but also it was a time I couldn't do anything, especially check my phone! ;)

They used different lengths of lashes on me to make a feathered out look, and I feel like they still look natural - just a really good (maybe slightly exageratted) natural. haha!

After the initial full set, it is a bit easier to maintain with 45-60 minute apts every 2-3 weeks.  It depends on how well you take care of them and your own lash natural growth how long they hang on!  So taking care of them at home is part of the maintance.   Some tips that Beauty Brands gave me:

- Don't scrub at your eyes or get them exsessively wet.
- Gently wash your eye lids with Bliss Lid & Lash Wash (no oils) or baby shampoo.
- Dry your eyes immidiately with a tissue (not a towel wich can pull your lashes) or hair dryer.
- Brush your lashes out every morning and night with lash brush - and clean it too.

So overall, and after 2 full weeks with eye lash extensions, I highly recommend them!  They have made my morning routine so much simpler! My eye lashes transform my whole face and look so much better than my best day with mascara - so I hardly wear any make up at all.  

I plan to get them filled, but we'll see how long I keep them up. I might just do them a couple chunks of time throughout the year so I don't get toooooo used to them. ;)  But we'll see!  Do you have lash extensions or have tried them in the past? Curious your experience and thoughts on upkeep!

Special thanks to Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography for some of these pics!

This post is in partnership with Beauty Brands.  A one-stop shop of all your beauty, hair and service needs for guys and gals! I love the Plaza location (so close to me!) and it's beautifully newish (a year or so ago) look.  You have to check it out!

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