Chasing Davies: How to Elevate your Baby Bag to the Toddler Bag!

September 6, 2016

How to Elevate your Baby Bag to the Toddler Bag!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ALDI through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about The Little Journey product line, all opinions are my own.
how to updating your baby bag to a toddler bag

Now that my babies are toddlers, it's time for me to reinvent my baby bag. It’s time to evolve it to be suitable for toddlers and ready for a quick grab-and-go when we're late getting out the door. I am so curious what YOUR toddler-bag must haves are, so please share in the comments!

Some things never change, like baby wipes and snacks - but why you need them certainly does.  And then there are additions like extra undies. My favorite thing is that you aren't limited to a certain kind of bag anymore.  Now, baby bags have gotten a lot cuter, and I still use some of mine, but I can also throw most of my toddler must-haves into any big bag! Yay!

I have partnered with ALDI to share their first full line of baby products, Little Journey, which is a great brand (and place to shop) for your toddler-bag needs and beyond.  Every Little Journey product is tested to meet or beat the national brands on quality, durability and taste, yet their prices are super affordable. This exclusive ALDI brand has everything you need for your baby and toddler, and meets its high quality standards.

toddler baby bag
 {The secret weapon!  Play-Doh can cure most boredom.}

Here's what we keep in our baby-turned-toddler bag:

1. Now that Nora is in training pants (we're getting close to full-blown potty training....I hope), we keep Little Journey Training Pants in our bag (and in her dresser drawer).  These are really cute and subtle. They are a neutral color, but a fun little design that Nora likes (vs. bright pink or other colors and showing through her clothing).  They also feel a bit more like real underwear to make this soon-to-be-transition a bit smoother.

2. Liam is potty trained (one down!), but accidents happen.  So carrying around some extra undies is always a good idea.

3. Baby wipes aren't just for changing diapers. My kids somehow are always getting messy, sticky and snotty.  I love the Little Journey Soothing Baby Wipes because they are hypoallergenic, fragrance free and alcohol free.

4. SNACKS!! Always carry a variety of snacks, especially if you are going to be out and about for longer than 15 minutes (for reals). These snacks are suitable for babies, but my toddlers still love them and they are easy for when you are on the go. We keep a variety for different reasons and I try to also remember a snacking cup to help contain the mess.

- Little Journey Little Veggie Munchers® are a baked, whole grain corn snack, easy to chew and swallow - so I feel comfortable about my kids snacking on them in the car.

- Little Journey Baby Food Puree pouches are also good for in the car, but also in the shopping cart, or even while walking. My kids suck them down easily - and I like them because the pouches contain no artificial colors or flavors and contain vitamin C.

- Little Journey Yogurt Bites are made with real fruit and yogurt, but without the mess. These are a great little treat to my kids (but are healthy and do not contain any preservatives) for when times get tough. They've definitely saved me from some meltdowns when we’re out on the go.

- And don't forget a water bottle! I am constantly reminding my kids to drink water. Dehydration is so scary.

5. Entertainment - especially when in the car or going to a restaurant. My secret surprise is Play Doh! My kids love Play Doh, and it's easy to squish around in your hand and almost acts like a stress reliever for when times get really tough. haha. Crayons, paper/coloring books, and books are some other things that makes their way into my bag!

6. Extra rubber bands and even hair bows, because you never know when a rubber band will break or a cute photo op will present itself. ;)

7. An external phone charger is a good idea, no matter if you have kids or not! I use my phone for everything these days - especially maps/directions, and while I let my kids play on my phone minimally, sometimes the educational game can save a dinner outing (and also kill my battery life).

8. Sunscreen is always good to keep on hand, even in the winter. We keep a sunscreen stick in our bag for easy application.

9. thing that still hasn't changed. Antibacterial spray. All the antibacterial products.

And of course, don't forget your own stuff! Wallet, phone and lipstick - that's pretty much my go-to when I'm also toting all my kid's things. 

What's in YOUR toddler bag?

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