Chasing Davies: Entertainment for your kids when you need it most.

September 26, 2016

Entertainment for your kids when you need it most.

We leverage screen time limited with our kids - and it's something I am constantly monitoring and checking (myself) on, because it's just so easy to turn on the TV, hand them my phone or let them use the computer/tablet in the many moments of need.  We have two Amazon Fire tablets for our kids that we use sporadically, like while out on the go/out to eat, traveling or at select times during the day to help entertain and educate. 

When I'm desperately trying to get dinner ready without my two getting into a fight over sharing, or in the morning when I'm running late (again), and trying to get myself ready (after having got the kids ready), Amazon Underground is an awesome resource to have at my fingertips.  It has a wealth of free apps, including educational ones, to help keep parents sane, but also not feel bad about how their spending their limited screen time.
The Amazon Underground catalog of totally free apps & games is part of the Amazon Appstore and gives you access to great content that you would normally have to pay for in “other” App and Play Store’s, but now at zero cost. AND Amazon Underground has over 300+ premium Education apps (Dr. Panda, Flashcard Machine, Easy French, etc.)!

This particular morning, I was running late to get to work early for a big project. So I pulled out my secret lucky charm and was able to entertain my earlier riser, Liam (while Nora was still sleeping),  over breakfast. I love that he was practicing his letters and visual space skills instead of zoned out to the TV, over his bowl of cereal.

Amazon Underground apps & games are available to those in the United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and is only supported on 5th Generation (2012 – newer) and newer Fire tablets, and Android phones. 

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